June 15, 2017

The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi - Illustrated by Roberto Innocenti

The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini, known by his pen name as Carlo Collodi, was first published in an Italian newspaper for children in 1880. The story is of a puppet carved from a magical piece of wood, whose self-serving behaviour leads him on a series of misfortunes. He is guided by a fairy to help him learn about action and consequence. Only after being tricked many times and the fairy’s promise of transforming him into a human boy does Pinocchio begin to repent and finally in the end, truly feel.

This lengthy fairy tale is illustrated by Roberto Innocenti. With fifty-six gorgeous illustrations in varying sizes and a clean layout, make this story seem anything but long. The setting is old Italy with aged buildings, villagers at work and country life. To show the passing of time, the different seasons are shown. The colours are mostly in darker tones, expressing the grim and solemn scenes. The detailing for the illustrations is fantastic and many have Roberto Innocenti’s signature perspective view.

Recommended for ages 5+. Some scenes can be a little dark like the part where Pinocchio gets hanged or when he sees an apparition of black rabbits carrying his coffin. The story was translated in its entirety from Italian to English by Mary Alice Murray.

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Creative Editions 2005
Hardcover 192p/dust jacket
8.8" x 11.6"
Pinocchio Cover Roberto InnocentiPinocchio in the villagePinocchio looks for GephettoPinocchio begs for forgivenessPinocchio layout and spine

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