April 7, 2018

Little Gold Star: A Spanish American Cinderella Tale by Robert D. San Souci Illustrated by Sergio Martinez

Adapted by Robert D. San Souci with Spanish origins, Little Gold Star is a variation of Cinderella with a religious theme. The usual fairy godmother is replaced by Blessed Mary. Saint Joseph and the baby Jesus also make appearances in this story. The setting is New Mexico; a beautiful and kind girl named Teresa lives with her widowed father. The father then remarries to an evil woman with two daughters of her own. The story is very familiar. What differentiates this version from the European Cinderella stories are the tests that Teresa and her stepsisters perform. Teresa's best attribute is not her beauty but her kindness and she is rewarded with the aid of Blessed Mary and the animals. Her stepsisters with their wicked ways, grow horns and donkey ears as punishment. There is no prince in this story but Teresa does meet Miguel, a handsome and wealthy young man at a party. There are also no glass slippers or pumpkin coach however, the book maintains the same moral that goodness shall be rewarded.

Sergio Martinez's water colour illustrations done here are so fluid and soft. Warm earthy tones provide a rustic feel. The night scenes are especially luminous; fitting for a story about a "Gold Star". Tall figures are loosely lined with charcoal. Facial expressions are effective without looking cartoonish. Sergio Martinez was born in Orizaba Mexico. His illustrative works are published internationally with clients in the United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Central and South America, France and Spain. Recommended for ages 4+.

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HarperCollins 2000
Hardcover 32p
9.2" x 11"
Little Gold Star: A Spanish American Cinderella Tale CoverSergio Martinez Little Gold Star First meetingSergio Martinez Little Gold Star Teresa washing the fleeceSergio Martinez Little Gold Star Teresa at the fiesta
Sergio Martinez Little Gold Star Stepsister with donkey earsSergio Martinez Little Gold Star Teresa receives a gold starSergio Martinez Little Gold Star The cat talksSergio Martinez Little Gold Star Teresa completes the impossible tasks

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