June 5, 2018

Sleeping Beauty by Mahlon F. Craft - Illustrated by Kinuko Y. Craft

Kinuko Y. Craft's picture book for Sleeping Beauty remains my top choice for this fairy tale based on Charles Perrault's La Belle au Bois Dormant in 1696. Retold by Mahlon F. Craft, this edition covers the first of two parts from Perrault's tale. The story is fast paced and a quick read, the action begins at the christening of Aurora where the uninvited fairy curses the baby princess to die on her 16th birthday. This curse is softened by one of the good fairies; instead of death, Aurora will sleep for one hundred years.

The illustrations are done in mixed media with Kinuko Y. Craft's signature style of extravagant costumes, luxuriously curly haired heroines, intricate details, and effective use of light and shadows. Just like her other illustrated books, the text is adorned with lovely floral patterned borders and drop caps that are all unique. If you like Beauty and the Beast, you'll like this too. Recommended for ages 5+.

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Chronicle Books 2002
Hardcover 32p
9.2" x 11.2"
Sleeping Beauty Picture BookQueen sings to frogThe thirteenth fairie16 yr old AuroraAurora seals her fateThe king carries AuroraThe Prince at the thorn branchesThe Prince finds Aurora

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