October 17, 2018

The Wild Beast by Eric Walters - Illustrated by Sue Todd

A creation story originating from African folklore, The Wild Beast is a mythical guide through the universe revealing the birth of the sun, stars, earth and the animals that inhabit it. The world unfolds in uncomplicated fashion and fills in the emptiness that once was with an environmental message to take only what is needed and waste nothing.

The Creator uses feathers to build beasts for the skies, scales for beasts in the seas and fur for beasts on the ground. The world fills up with all kinds of beasts until it is full..and by collecting the leftover pieces of various animal parts, the last beasts are created. With a focus on the planet and animals, humans are absent in this story.

Vibrant and bold illustrations are throughout. The dark outlines will help younger readers to differentiate between the different animals when searching for their favourite ones. The illustrations are created with linoleum print and digital colour. Recommended for ages 4+.

Amazon | Book Depository
Orca Book Publishers 2018
Hardcover 32p
8.8" x 10.8"
The Wild Beast CoverThe Wild Beast Eric Walters Sue Todd creation of animalsThe Wild Beast Eric Walters Sue Todd the last beastThe Wild Beast Eric Walters Sue Todd filling the land

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